Cindy Irving Biography

Meet the Photographer

About me:

- I love to run (I throw on a stretchy yoga pants and chase my toddler around the neighborhood...that counts, right?).

- I spend my 15 seconds of free time during the day watching documentaries on Netflix and reading self help books. It can literally take me WEEKS to watch an entire movie!

- I enjoy drinking kombucha, dreaming of kale, and pretending like I’m healthy.

- I could literally eat sushi every day, but really only eat it about three times a week. See aforementioned health post...close enough!

- My mother is from Poland, so I speak fluent Polish! Zapytaj mnie i nauczę cię kilku słów! It’s SUPER easy...seriously.

- I am originally from Boston, Mass...and no I do not use the word “wicked.”

-You would think having a baby would mean you would learn to cook. Apparently this is NOT the case. Takeout, anyone?

- My daughter got the memo and was born on her due date!

- I have a psychology degree, and spent some time in a psych hospital (no, not as a patient, although sometimes even I wasn’t sure).

- I feel SO grateful to be living my dream as photographer. I seriously geek out every SINGLE time I take a photo.

- I’m completely addicted to cookies, chocolate and cake, which I balance with dreaming of the kale I mentioned. Yes, they do cancel each other out.

- My go to drinks are a lemon drop martini or a fishbowl margarita. I’m a bargain shopper.

- Traveling is my favorite thing aside from photography, so I’ll never say no to a destination wedding!


Now on a more serious note...

Hi there and welcome to my page! I am Cindy Irving, a South Coast portrait photographer, who specializes in family portraiture. I have loved Photography since I could remember. My first love of it started with those one time use cameras, where I was constantly in the store developing my photos as a young pre-teen. I purchased my first DSLR in 2011, but didn't really learn how to use it until 2013 where I studied some photography in Costa Rica. Since then, my passion deepened and once my daughter was born I took the step to make it into a business.



What keeps history alive?

Photos provide the opportunity to relive special moments and milestones or look back at images of our grandparents and other generations who have come before us. Just think about all of the important memories in your own life. That seemingly unforgettable moment when a child was born, a memory that can easily get lost in the chaotic blur of daily life. Beautiful candid shots of loved ones who aren't posing for pictures, but are simply being themselves or expressing an important emotion. Cindy Irving Photography can capture all of these memories and more for you to cherish and hold onto now, and share with many future generations to come.