Meet A! She is 19 months old and the love of my life!

There aren’t many times where I take out the camera to do my own photos nowadays, especially in the busy season! Yesterday was our first real Snow Fall in Massachusetts this month. I was sitting at home with my daughter and figured as much of a homebody as I have been, this girl needs to experience some snow! I opened our screen door a few times and showed her the snow and taught her the polish word for it, “Śnieg“. It melted in my hands and I applied it to the hairs that were sticking up on her head, after that she thought the snow was for her hair! Oh mama, what did you teach? ha! I decided it was time to really  bundle her up and run around. We went around the deck a few times and I paused by my office and said I should really take the camera out! I am so happy I did because I captured some sweet unforgettable smiles of my baby girl who was having a blast with mama chasing her around in the snow! I can’t wait to make a canvas out of some of the photos and I’m glad I have some memorable photos of my baby! Now my next step is to hire a photographer for my own family photos! Don’t let the time pass, they are only so little once.