It’s been a crazy two months with everything going on in the world. Schools are shut down, kids are home, some parents are trying to work from home, and we are all trying to survive someway, somehow. We appreciate all the workers on the Front Line who are working hard and continuing to keep things moving. The rest of us at home, don’t know what day it is. During this quarantine, I have been able to take the time to reflect and continue to learn. I have been spending lots of time with my almost four year old (which includes lots of games of barbies – photos coming soon). We have ran outside, made different art projects, baked cookies, and tried to keep things as “normal” as we could. I am grateful to be able to document these moments with her and create lifestyle photos that will be cool to look back on. So make sure to take alot of photos and don’t forget to make a fun collage out of them. Stay safe everyone, we are all in this together!