Summertime Ice Cream Runs, Marion, Massachusetts

When you’re the photographers daughter, you are bound to be her most faithful subject right? Haha! I wish my two year old was more cooperative! Most days I do better with clients children than I do my own! I figured let’s give it another shot and take my camera out on a stroll with A. We decided to hang out with friends in the beautiful Marion, Massachusetts and of course on a hot summer day, who doesn’t love ice cream? I had never tried Sea Dips ice cream in Marion, well let’s say I’ve been back multiple times since! Graham Cracker Central ice cream is the best I have ever tried!!! Oh my….mouth watering! After that we took a fun stroll by the boats and once my friends had to leave, A and I went back to Mattapoisett and hung out at Munroe Preserve and took a couple more shots by the dog park and beach area. A loves the beach so it was fun to take shots while she played around, oh did I mention she wanted to leave with a total stranger?! (this girl that was getting her senior portraits taken!), I even have a photo of her waving goodbye to me!