It feels like the world has stopped, doesn’t it?


In a split second our world was changed, what was our daily lives, became new routines. We had to distance ourselves from our friends, families, neighbors, and coworkers. We all turned to social media, posting videos, saying hello, posting in our pajamas, recording our home life with our families.


As a photographer, I am used to spending time with families, getting close to them, documenting their lives, and helping them to capture memories to display in their homes.


When I heard of the Front Steps Project, I thought wow I need to do this. Many are homes right now with their families and this is a perfect opportunity for people in our community.


Starting today, I am offering to take five minute ‘Front Steps Portraits” of Tri-Town and surrounding town (towns that are able to participate are Mattapoisett, Marion, Rochester, Fairhaven, Dartmouth, Wareham, Acushnet, and New Bedford) residents.  After your quick session, I will email you the digital file of your portrait.  In exchange, I am asking you to make a good faith donation to a Non-Profit of your choice at this time, and share that name with me.


The purpose of this project is to bring us together when we might feel isolated.  I aim to highlight the faces of our community during a time when we might not see them in passing at the grocery store, coffee shop, on the train, or at the gym. Participating in this project is also an opportunity to step up to help those who need it most right now.


I will be taking images outside ONLY and from at least 10 feet away. Our session will be brief, likely just 5 minutes. This is not a typical get-dressed-up-and-pose-for-the-photographer session. Want to stand outside in your pajamas and slippers? Sounds good to me. Kids in mismatched clothes but you’re thrilled they got dressed? Fantastic. Wearing your bike gear because you’re headed off to ride a trail in the nice weather? Love it!  Be you.



​*A special thanks to Cara Soulia of Needham, MA  for starting this movement and allowing other photographers to look to her for the words and guidelines to use to spread the idea and project.








** Due to the new advisories, at this time, I will not be taking on any more Front Step Project sessions until further notice**