Are you in need of a headshot, but hate having your photo taken? Are you worried about how you are going to look and how to pose? These are few common concerns of most people. Most of us are required to take a headshot for our jobs or for our own personal branding. Headshots are important; they are the first impression and we are judged, or perceived, by the way we look. Here are some tips to get your best headshot:


Tip # 1: Get a good nights rest

Getting a good nights rest is important so that you will look refreshed and ready to go!


Tip # 2: What to wear

Depending on your career or the purpose of your headshot, dress how you would want to be seen, whether that is professional attire for your company, or a more casual look for your own personal branding. Simplicity is key. Medium to medium light-toned solid colors work best; try to avoid busy patterns, bright colors, or complete white. Make sure clothes are not wrinkled. The focus of your headshot should be you. For women light natural makeup and simple jewelry are best. A professional hair and makeup artist will always help if you choose to go that route. If you wear glasses, decide whether you would like them on or off. I recommend keeping them on if you wear them most of the time. If you plan not to wear them for your portrait, take them off 10-15 minutes beforehand to allow the marks to disappear around your nose. 


Tip # 3: Know your best side

Most of us have a best side, or a side we prefer to be photographed on. Since our faces aren’t symmetrical and we look at them everyday, we tend to notice our differences faster than others. If you don’t have a best side, that’s ok too. Most of the time, I photograph clients from both sides and let them choose. Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror and see which side you like the best, while your there, practice some poses, looks, and smiles.


Tip # 4: How to pose

Some poses will feel awkward and that’s ok, I promise you’ll look good! Make sure to keep your back straight even when you are leaning forward. Being aware of your body posture will help. Be aware of your neck and chin position. A good tip I heard before was to pretend like there is an orange under your chin. And all in all if you forget this little tip, don’t worry because I will be there to remind you and direct you.


Tip # 5: Stay relaxed

Oh sure, thats easy right?! We have a camera pointed directly at our face! Most of the time when I put the camera down to direct people, they seem more relaxed but as soon as I put it back up to my face they freeze. I once or maybe twice was told that I am a serial blinker. Don’t be scared that a few photos may look “weird”, or you blinked, or you laughed so hard that you had a double chin, because in between those “funny” photos, we are going to capture some beautiful ones and don’t worry those will be deleted! I strive to keep you relaxed and partially entertained. Have fun with it and remember this is going to be your first impression. Lastly, your eyes are the window to your soul, let them shine!


Tip # 6: How often should you have your headshot taken?

A new headshot is recommended anytime you change your look. Remember you want it to look like you! If you dye your hair a different color, have a totally different haircut, or lost/gained more than 10lbs, it is a good idea to keep it updated.






































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